All is Forgiven is an American sitcom from the creators of Cheers that aired from March 20 until June 12, 1986 with the premiere episode being repeated as a "special presentation" on August 23, 1986.[1] Bess Armstrong starred in the series as Paula Russell.


 [hide*1 Premise


Paula Russell is the producer of a soap opera called All is Forgiven who just married a donut executive with a teenage daughter.[2]



The series was shown in repeates on the A&E cable network through 1988.


No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 "On-Air Commitment" James Burrows Kimberly Hill March 20, 1986
Paula gets the job as the producer of a soap opera on the same day she is getting married.
2 "With Child" James Burrows Ian Praiser, Howard GewirtzGlen Charles and Les Charles March 27, 1986
Sonia's visit looks to be more permanent and might ruin Paula and Matt's honeymoon in Mexico.
3 "And Sonia Makes Three" Jim Drake Norm Gunzenhauser and Tom Seeley March 29, 1986
Paula doesn't want to be intimate with Matt now that Sonia is also living in the apartment.
4 "Past Perfect" Barnet Kellman Miriam Trogdon April 5, 1986
Nicolette gets a visit from a man from her past.
5 "Mother's Day" Barnet Kellman Kimberly Hill April 12, 1986
Paula tries to be a mother to Sonia when Matt has to leave town.
6 "And Justice for Oliver (a.k.a. And Justice for Ollie)" Barnet Kellman Bob Rosenfarb April 19, 1986
Nicolette doesn't like a scene that Oliver has written for the show. Matt tries to spend some quality time with Paula and Sonia.
7 "I Can't Say No" Jeff Chambers Ian Praiser and Howard Gewirts May 29, 1986
Wendell gets a visit from a former girlfriend who acts like they never broke up.
8 "Paula Russell II" Jeff Chambers Janet Leahy June 5, 1986
Sonia sets up a meeting between Paula and Matt's ex-wife.
9 "Matt at the Barricades" Jeff Chambers Joe Fisch June 12, 1986
Matt and an old college friend protest against pollution.
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