Anna LaCazio (born January 26, 1962) is an American vocalist, best known as a member of the American pop rock band Cock Robin. She is the daughter of an Italian father and a Chinese mother.

Biography [edit]Edit

With Cock Robin [edit]Edit

She co-founded the band with Peter Kingsbery in the early '80s in Los Angeles, and remained with the group through three albums and tours with, among others, Bryan Adamsthe Bangles and James Taylor.

Outside of Europe, Cock Robin never became famous, and the group dissolved in 1990.

In 2006 she took active part in the reforming of Cock Robin and the release of their fourth studio album, followed by a live album and a new tour in 2009.

Solo career [edit]Edit

During the 90s, LaCazio sang occasional backup for artists from Corey Hart to Purple Mountain Matinee and made an album, Eat Life, that was released June 23rd, 2009.

She also appeared on Kingsbery's 1997 release 'Pretty Ballerina', reinterpreting one of their Cock Robin moments, "More Than Willing".

She moved from Los Angeles to the California desert, where she also has been performing as part of Ra Sol.

In 2008, she contributed a reading of her poem "A Song for Lost Blossoms" to the album of same name by Harold Budd and former Cock Robin member Clive Wright.

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