The Austria women's national rugby union team are a national sporting side of Austria, representing them at rugby union. The side first played in 2004.


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Results summary[edit]Edit

(Full internationals only)

Rugby: Austria internationals 2004-
Opponent First game Played Won Drawn Lost Percentage
Czech Republic 2004 2 0 2 0 50.00%
Summary 2004- 2 0 2 0 50.00%

Start of Austrian Women's International History[edit]Edit

Austrian Women's National Team has been participating in the FIRA-AER European Championships since 2005. First Captain of the Austrian Women's National Team was Renee Carmine-Jones (originally from Canada, in Austria since 1984) who officially initiated Women's Rugby for the Union and set up the women's national team (Season 2003/2004), built up women's rugby at Celtic Rugby Football Club and, at the request of the Union President following their first NT Test vs. Czech Republic, set up the second women's team at Rugby Club Donau and has been developing the women's game in Austria, now with 5 National (Frauen Bundesliga)League team, and in her region ever since through her Regional League and Emerging Nations Training Camps for the bottom 15-20 Nations of Europe.

Austrian National Women's League Teams[edit]Edit

  • FRU Schoenbrunn (Frauen Rugby Union - Vienna Union of Celtic and Donau Women's Teams)
  • WRCI (Women's Rugby Club Innsbruck)
  • RC Graz (Women's Rugby Team Graz)
  • RC Krems (Women's Rugby Team Krems)
  • RC Spartans Melk (Women's Rugby Team Melk)

List of Coaches[edit]Edit

  • Coach: Christopher Jones (March–June 2004)
  • Co-Coach: Renee Carmine-Jones (Sept.2003-June 2004)
  • Coach: Thomas Brinninger (Sept.2004-April 2005)
  • Co-Coach: Renee Carmine-Jones (Sept.2004-April 2005)
  • Coach: Renee Carmine-Jones (April 2005-present)
  • Co-Coach: Philipp Grausam (April 2005-June 2006)
  • Co-Coach: Gordon Chiu (March 2010-June 2010)

List of Captains[edit]Edit

  • Renee Carmine-Jones (2003-2005 (2006 pregnant) + 2007)
  • Catherine Teisset (2006)
  • Eva Weissenböck (2008-2012)


See Women's international rugby for information about the status of international games and match numbering

Full internationals[edit]Edit

2004-06-05 Austria  5-5  Czech Republic Hohe WarteVienna [1/1/1]
2005-04-30 Austria  5-5  Czech Republic Hohe WarteVienna [2/2/2]

Some sources give the score as 7-7===Other matches[edit]===

2007-06-24 Austria /Croatia  17-7  Hungary/[1] Bavaria GrossmuglAustria [-/-/-]
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