María Cecilia Rognoni Potocki (born December 1, 1976 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine field hockey defender, who won the gold medal at the 2002 World Cup at Perth, Australia where she was elected as the best woman hockey player in the world by the FIH. She is currently playing in the Dutch team HC Bloemendaal in the second division of the Netherlands.

Cecilia belongs to the generation that gave rise to the myth of the Las Leonas. She won the silver medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney and a bronze medal at the2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. In 2005 she was separated from the Argentine national field hockey team by the coach Gabriel Minadeo, after she said that "many of the players have a place on the team just because of their surname". She came back to the team in 2010  under Carlos Retegui coaching but was forced to leave the team due knee injuries.

She also played for Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires and HC Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Honours[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • 1994: Champion of the South American Tournament (Chile)
  • 1995: 4th place in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament (Cape Town)
  • 1996: 7th place in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics
  • 1997: 3rd place in the Junior World Championships (Korea)
  • 1998: 4th place in World Championship (Utrecht, Netherlands)
  • 1999: Gold medal at the 1999 Pan American Games (Winnipeg)
  • 1999: 4th place in the Champions Trophy (Brisbane)
  • 2000: Silver Medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics
  • 2001: Wins the Copa America (Jamaica)
  • 2001: Champion of Champions Trophy (Netherlands)
  • 2001: Champion of the Three Nations Cup-Spain Netherlands Argentina (Argentina)
  • 2002: Runners in the Champions Trophy Macao 2002 (China)
  • 2002: Champion of the World Championships (Perth)
  • 2003: Champion of the Euro with the Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  • 2003: Gold medal at the 2003 Pan American Games (Santo Domingo)
  • 2004: 2nd place four nations tournament Córdoba (Argentina)
  • 2004: Bronze medal at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games
  • 2004: 3rd place in the Champions Trophy (Argentina)

Individual[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • 1995 - Premio Clarín Revelation (Hockey)
  • 1997 - Top scorer in the junior Pan American Championship in Chile
  • 1998 - Premio Clarín Consecration (Hockey)
  • 1998 - Olimpia Award (Hockey)
  • 2001 - Pan American Cup scorer of Kingston, Jamaica
  • 2002 - Best player of the tournament (Champions Trophy in Macau)
  • 2002 - World's Best Player
  • 2002 - Premio Clarín Consecration (Hockey)
  • 2002 - Olimpia Award (Hockey)
  • 2002 - Olympia Gold Award (Best Athlete of the Year)
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