The Danish women's cricket team was a team that represented the country of Denmark in international women's cricket matches. They were more successful than the Danish men's team, playing in two world cups, with the men never qualifying for their World Cup.


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Denmark's international debut came at the 1989 European Championship, which they hosted, and placed as runners up in. They were also runners up in the 1991 tournament. They made two appearances in the World Cup, finishing 7th in 1993 and 10th in 1997. Their only international games outside those two tournaments were two match ODI series against The Netherlandsplayed at the Mikkelberg-Kunst-und-Cricket Center in Germany in 1997 and 1998.

The 1999 European Championship was the last tournament the Danes played in, and they have not played international cricket since. With the official site of the Danish Cricket Federation containing no mention of a women's team, they are presumed to be defunct.

Tournament History[edit]Edit

World Cup[edit]Edit

  • 1973 to 1988: Did not participate
  • 1993: 7th place
  • 1997: 10th place
  • 2000: Did not participate
  • 2005: Did not participate

European Championship[edit]Edit

  • 1989: Runners up
  • 1990: 4th place
  • 1991: Runners up
  • 1995: 4th place
  • 1999: 3rd place
  • 2001: Did not participate
  • 2005: Did not participate


ODI cricket[edit]Edit

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