Diana Dors (23 October 1931 – 4 May 1984) was an English actress, born Diana Mary Fluck in SwindonWiltshire. Considered the English equivalent of the blonde bombshells of Hollywood, Dors described herself as "the only sex symbol Britain has produced since Lady Godiva."

Early lifeEdit

Diana Mary Fluck was born in ­SwindonWiltshire, on 23 October 1931, at the Haven Nursing Home. Her mother Winifred Maud Mary (Payne) was married to Albert Edward Sidney Fluck, but had a sexual relationship with their lodger, Gerald Lack. When Mary announced she was pregnant with Diana, she admitted she had no clear idea which of them was the father.

Educated at Colville House, like many children of the time Diana enjoyed the cinema; her heroines from age 8 onwards were the Hollywood sirens Veronica LakeLana Turner and Jean Harlow.

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