Elizaveta Mikhailovna Boyarskaya (Russian: Елизаве́та Миха́йловна Боя́рская, born 20 December 1985 in Leningrad) is a Russian actress.


Elizaveta was born on 20 December 1985 in Leningrad to a family of two famous Russian actors Mikhail Boyarsky and Larisa Luppian. Her father is of Russian and Polishdescent and her mother is of EstonianGerman, Russian and Polish ancestry. In 2007, she graduated from Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy under Lev Dodin's mastery.

Selected filmography[edit]Edit

Year Film Role
2004 Downfall Erna Flegel
2005 First under God Tanya
2006 Don't leave me alone Vera
2006 Park of Soviet period Alyona Volkova
2006 The Irony of Fate 2 Nadyusha
2008 Admiral Anna Timireva
2009 I'll Be Back Musya
2009 Luna-Luna Zinaida
2009 Small Tragedies Laura
2010 Man from Boulevard des Capucines Katya
2010 I Won't Say (Ne Skazhu) Anna
2011 Peter the Great. Last will Maria Cantemir
2011 Five Brides Zoya
2011 Witches key Ustya
2012 The Match Anna Shevtsova
2012 Hunting
2012 Zolushka One of Cinderella's sisters
2013 Sherlock Holmes
2013 Courier from Paradise
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