Eugenia Hirivskaya (Russian:Евгения Владимировна Хиривская, born 3 September 1981 in Moscow) is a Russian actress. She is best known for playing Kalinka is the Belgian television series Matroesjka's.

[1][2]Eugenia Hirivskaya Odessa International Film Festival, July 2013==Biography[edit]==

She studied at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts and obtained her diploma in 2004.


Year Title Role
2006 Call Natasha
2005 Matroesjka's Kalinka
2004 Men Do not Cry Lydia Kholodova / Kayurov Vera / Lena Kusova
2004 Rates for love
2003 Kamenskaya Oksana
Year Title Role
2011 Deliver at any cost Asya
2010 Adult daughter, or test... Marina
2010 White dress Irina
2009 Given Circumstances Inga
2008 Hipsters Katia
2008 SSC. Scary Soviet Childhood Jana
2008 Love as a motive Dina
2007 Vices Taya
2006 The Count of Montenegro Slavka
2004 Phillip Bay Anastasia Gromova
2002 Podmoskovnaya Elegy Lala
2001 Northern Lights
2000 Turkish March Anastasia Kitaev
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