Avigail "Gali" Atari (born December 29, 1953, in RehovotIsrael) is an Israeli actress and singer.

Career [edit]Edit

She first appeared on the international scene in 1971, when she represented Israel at the World Popular Song Festival in Japan with the songs "All free" and "Give love away". Atari participated in the contest again in 1976, this time with the song "The same old game".

In 1978, Atari performed the song "Nesich hachlomot" (נסיך החלומות, Dream Prince), along with Zvi Bums and Udi Spielman, at the Festival Hazemer Ha'ivri, the Israeli qualification heat for theEurovision Song Contest. She placed third but, undeterred, entered again in 1979, this time as female vocalist with the group Milk and Honey. They won, and their song, Hallelujah represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest, staged in Jerusalem on March 31. The song was voted the winner, and was a success in the European charts. Atari did not remain with the group for long though, and returned to her solo career.

Also in 1979, she starred in the Israeli film Dizengoff 99.

She is a sister of Yona Atari, a singer and actress, and the late Shosh Atari, a radio host and TV personality.

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