Heike Schwaller (born July 24, 1968) is a German-Swiss curler. She currently plays second for Binia Feltscher-Beeli.

Schwaller has played most of her competitive career for Germany. In 1989, she played lead for Andrea Schöpp, and won a gold medal at the European Curling Championships. She was the alternate on the team that won a silver medal at the 1994 European Curling Championships, gold at the 1995 European Curling Championships, and a bronze at the 1996 European Curling Championships and 1997 European Curling Championships. In all four events, she didn't play a single game, however. She was promoted the following year to second, and she won another gold medal at the 1998 European Curling Championships.

Schwaller last played competitively for Germany at the 2002 Ford World Curling Championships. At the 2010 Ford World Women's Curling Championship, she played in her first international event for Switzerland.

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