Helen Marnie (born on 2nd January 1978 in GlasgowScotland) also known for her solo project as Marnie, is the main vocalist of the electronic band Ladytron. She is also songwriter and keyboardist.

In 2012 she announced that she's working on a solo album due on 10 May 2013 through PledgeMusic.

Musical influenceEdit

Helen Marnie grew up with pop music like Whitney HoustonBelinda CarlisleMichael JacksonMadonnaThe BanglesCarly Simon, and ABBA.

She claimed musical influences such as Kate BushMaria Callas, and Joni Mitchell. She also mentioned artists like Bat for LashesMGMTFairport Convention,Serge GainsbourgGrimes, and Chvrches as her favorites.

Personal lifeEdit

Helen Marnie was married in 2011. Currently she lives in GlasgowScotland.She also lived in LondonEngland.

Regarding the rumours about modelling, Marnie said in a Rolling Stone interview: "I'm not really sure where the 'model' information has come from; perhaps something was mentioned in a very early press release. I've never really done proper catwalk. I only ever did a few bits and pieces along with a couple of graduate shows as a favour to friends. I am, after all, only 5' 6" [168 cm]. Far too tiny to be a model. Plus, I look kind of weird, not in that coveted model alien way. Just in a plain weird way!".[

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