Katerine Savard is a Canadian swimmer born May 26, 1993[1] who resides in MontrealQuebec. She holds the senior Canadian records 50m and 100m Butterfly in Olympic pool (Long Course pool)[2] and holds Canadian junior Butterfly in the 200m.[3]She also holds the senior Canadian records 100m Butterfly in Semi-Olympic pool (Short Course pool)[4] and Canadian junior Butterfly in the 200m.[5] She competes in the women's Butterfly competitions.[6] Savard is the reigning champion of the Summer Universiade in the 100m Butterfly, while also acquiring a medal in the 50m Butterfly at this 2013 games.


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Savard begins to swim early, her mother afraid of drowning, she dives into the water at the age of 8 months. At this time, she did not like water. She continued to meet her Aquaventure 4 certification, where she stands out for her excellent technique in several strokes and was invited to join the sports team Swim Club UNIK from Pont-Rouge. In 2004, at 10 years old, after a few medals in regional competitions, she received the title of succession of the year of this club.

She takes more taste for competitions and decided in 2006, at age 13, to join the swim club CSQ at Quebec City which offers the Sport-Study swimming in high school the Camaradière.

More intensive training leads her quickly, within a few months, to achieve the standard Youth and to make her first provincial team, the "Triangulaire" in 2007. She made her first provincial record in 2008. She joined her first and only Canadian junior team in 2009 and made her first Canadian record in 2011. From 2010, her performances propel in senior teams despite her 16 years old, having become a national champion in the 100m butterfly. Since then, she is part of the national team and participates in all major games like London Olympics 2012 for which she was selected at just 18 years of age.

Since 2013, she stands out on the international scene and has established a world record of the Summer Universiade in 100m butterfly. For 2016, she seeks to achieve a podium at Rio Olympics games.


At the 2013 FINA Swimming World Cup series, she brought 3 silver medals in Butterfly. At Eindhoven in Nederland she took the 2° place in 100m Butterfly and at Berlin in Germany, she had tow 2° places in 50m and 100m Butterfly.[7][8][9]

At the 2013 FINA World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona in ​​Spain, she finished 5° with a Canadian record in 100m Butterfly. She ended the year with a fifth mondial position in this race.[10]

At the 2013 World Summer Universiade, at Kazan in Russia, Savard broke the record in the 100m Butterfly, while also acquiring a medal in the 50m Butterfly at the games.

At the 2012 Summer Olympics at London in United Kingdoms, she finished 17th overall by only 2 hundredths of a second in the heats in the Women's 100m Butterfly. However, she still advanced to the semifinals, since Inge Dekkerwithdrew. She later failed to advance to the final finishing 8th in her heat and a 16th final placement.

She also participated in the 2012 Mare Nostrum where she won six medals. At Barcelona in Spain she won gold in the 100m and 200m Butterfly and silver in the 50m Butterfly. At Canet in France, she won silver in the 100m butterfly and at Monte Carlo in Monaco she won gold in the 100m and bronze in the 200m Butterfly. She completed the circuit as the third best swimmer.[11][12][13]

Personal best times[edit]Edit


Long course[edit]Edit

Event Time Venue Date Notes
50 m butterfly 26.05 Kazan, Russia July 1, 2013 List of Canadian records in swimming
100 m butterfly 57.31 Barcelona, Spain July 28, 2013 List of Canadian records in swimming
200 m butterfly 2:08.34 Victoria, Canada April 3, 2013
50 m freestyle 26.36 Montreal, Canada April 22, 2012
100 m freestyle 56.15 Montreal, Canada July 2, 2011
200 m freestyle 2.01.54 Montreal, Canada May 4, 2013

Short course[edit]Edit

Event Time Venue Date Notes
50 m butterfly 25.90 Eindhoven, Nederland August 8, 2013
100 m butterfly 56.35 Berlin, Germany August 10, 2013 List of Canadian records in swimming
200 m butterfly 2.05.25 Tualatin Hills, USA December 9, 2011
50 m freestyle 25.15 Eindhoven, Nederland August 7, 2013
100 m freestyle 54.86 St-Hyacinthe, Canada March 1, 2013
200 m freestyle 1.58.78 Montreal, Canada February 17,2013
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