Louise Jane Wener (born 30 July 1966, Gants HillLondon)[1] is an English writer and songwriter, formerly of the band Sleeper. Sleeper recorded three full lengthalbumsSmartThe It Girl, and Pleased to Meet You. After the band split in 1998 Wener began a writing career,[2] and has written four novels: Goodnight Steve McQueen,The Big Blind (aka The Perfect PlayThe Half Life of Stars and Worldwide Adventures In Love. Her autobiography, Different for Girls: My True-life Adventures in Pop (akaJust For One Day: Adventures in Britpop) was published in June 2010 (ISBN 978-0091936518).

In addition to writing, she teaches novel-writing and poker courses, and has formed a band, Huge Advance, with partner Andy (a fellow Sleeper member), although they only play in and around their residential suburb of Crouch End.[3]

She has a son and daughter and has written an article about motherhood for The Guardian in which she was highly critical of the writer Lionel Shriver's attitude toward the subject.

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