Maia Hirasawa (born May 5, 1980) is a Swedish singer-songwriter.

She was born and raised in SollentunaStockholmSweden but has lived for many years in Gothenburg. Maia became known through Annika Norlin's band Hello Saferide, where she is a back-up singer. Her solo career began in early 2007 when the song "And I Found This Boy" started being played heavily on Swedish radio. The single was followed up by the album "Though, I'm Just Me" and the single "Gothenburg". During the summer of 2007 she toured around Sweden, playing at such shows as Allsång på SkansenHultsfredsfestivalenPeace & Love andArvika Festival. In 2010 she for the first time released material in Swedish with the EP "Dröm bort mig igen".

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