Pamela Helen Stephenson Connolly (born 4 December 1949) is a New Zealand-born, Australian clinical psychologist and writer now resident in the United Kingdom and USA. She is best known for her work as an actress and comedian during the 1980s. She has written several books, which include a biography of her husband Billy Connolly, and presented a psychology-based interview show called Shrink Rap on British television.

Personal lifeEdit

Stephenson was married to actor Nicholas Ball until the couple divorced.She met actor and comedian Billy Connolly in 1979 on the set of the BBC television show Not the Nine O'Clock News. The couple have three daughters together and married in Fiji on 20 December 1989.

Stephenson started practising Buddhism in 1979.


In the United Kingdom general election, 1987, Stephenson was a candidate in the Windsor and Maidenhead constituency on behalf of the Blancmange Throwers Party - she came sixth with 328 votes.


In late 2004, she sold her house in Hollywood and spent a year on a sailing cruise around the South Pacific Ocean, following the path of Robert Louis Stevenson and Fanny Stevenson. She said she was inspired by Fanny (also married to a Scotsman) who had convinced her husband to travel to the tropics for the sake of his fragile health. Her travels were documented in her book Treasure Islands. The boat she bought was renamed "Takapuna" after her birthplace.

A year later, she went on another voyage to discover the fate of an ancestor, a sailing captain who had disappeared in the South Seas. The voyage was the subject of a documentary for Australian television, Murder or Mutiny.

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