Pascale Letendre (born 3rd January 1980) is a Canadian curler from Ottawa.


Letendre is most notable for playing third for the Jenn Hanna rink that lost in the final of the 2005 Scott Tournament of Hearts. Letendre was a replacement player for the rink that season, filling in for Joelle Sabourin who played as the team's alternate due to work commitments.[1] After the season, Letendre left the team and was replaced by Sabourin.

After leaving the Hanna rink, Letendre would form her own team.[2] The following season she joined up with Janet McGhee for whom she played one season[3] Letendre eventually joined back with Hanna for the 2011-12 curling season. Both Jenn and Stephanie Hanna announced they will not compete competitively in the 2012-13 season, or in the near or immediate future. [4]However, the Hanna sisters and Letendre teamed up with Lisa Paddle to curl in the 2013–14 curling season.

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