Ritula Shah /rɪtəˈlɑː ˈʃɑː/ (b. 11th March 1967) is a journalist and news presenter on BBC Radio. She is a regular presenter of The World Tonight and the Saturday edition of PM on BBC Radio 4.

Previously Shah presented Woman's Hour on Radio 4 and was a launch presenter for The World Today on the World Service.

Shah studied history at the University of Warwick and graduated in 1988. She joined the Radio 4 production team, moved from there to regional television news, and then to Today in 1991 as a producer. When The World Today launched on the World Service in 1999, Shah became one of its presenters.

In May 2013, she started a series of eight episodes in the BBC Radio 4 One to One series of interviews. As she belongs to a Jain family (the Jain religion is concerned with renunciation), the subjects of her interviews are people whose life has involved renunciation.

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