Rula Lenska (born Rosa Marie Lubienski, 30 September 1947) is an English actress. Best known for her work in the United Kingdom, she is remembered in the United States for a television advert that presented her as a celebrity, even though she was not widely known in the US at the time the advert was produced. She is the former wife of British actor Dennis Waterman.

Personal lifeEdit

She has been married twice, first to actor Brian Deacon (4 June 1977 – 1987), with whom she had one daughter, Lara Parker Deacon, and secondly, to actor Dennis Waterman, from 3 January 1987 until 31 March 1998. Both marriages ended in divorce. She and Waterman met on the set of Minder in 1982. Her marriage to Waterman ended because of his violent behaviour towards her and in March 2012 he caused controversy with some comments on that aspect of their relationship: "‘It’s not difficult for a woman to make a man hit her. She certainly wasn’t a beaten wife, she was hit and that’s different."Rula Lenska said that she was relieved that he had now admitted beating her.

Waterman's daughter, Hannah Waterman, was starring in EastEnders at the same time Lenska made her guest appearances, although they did not share any scenes together. In 2009 she sought compensation from the Polish government for the Communist state's seizure of her family's Polish estate.


  • She is a blood donor and also an ardent conservationist, and has travelled widely raising awareness about the world's dwindling wildlife.
  • She has presented two documentaries about wildlife pencil artist, Gary Hodges ('Drawn to Wildlife' and 'Wild at Art'), which were produced in aid of wildlife. 'Drawn to Wildlife' was broadcast on 'Animal Planet' and an out-take from 'Wild at Art' was shown on ‘Alright on the Night's All Star Special.’ Both documentaries were produced and directed by David Felber.
  • In an interview with The Independent, she described herself as "passionate, romantic and slightly eccentric".
  • She can pilot a Hot Air Balloon. She first went ballooning as part of a charity publicity stunt.
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