Stacey Bridges (born 23 April 1988 in WacoTexas) is a rugby union player from the United States.

This is Stacey's first year on the USA National Team and has recently played 2 years with the USA U-20's. In her senior year of high school she was also an alternate for regionals in powerlifting.

As a freshman at Texas A&M, Stacey originally sought out to join the power lifting team. While at an open house she asked some of the rugby girls where the power lifting table was and they were able to convince her to give rugby a try. "I haven't looked back yet," Stacey claims. She credits her college coach Will Riddle and her U-20 coaches Bryn Chivers and Lance Connolly for shaping her into the national team player that she is today.

She made her debut for the USA eagles in August 2009 against England.

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