Stephanie Marrian (born 9 October 1948) in Singapore is a former Page Three girl in The Sun newspaperglamour model, pop star, TV and film actress. The correct spelling of her given name is Stefanie.


 [hide*1 Modelling career

Modelling career[edit]Edit

Stefanie was the original topless Page Three girl, appearing as Stephanie Rahn[1] in 1970 and many times on Page Three from 1973 to 1978 as Stephanie Marrian.[2] (The second reference contains inconsistencies, in particular her birth date and place, but it is obvious they refer to the same person. Read reference [1] and The Sun article in reference [7] for confirmation)

Stefanie was a glamour model throughout the 1970s, appearing topless and in the nude in magazines, papers and calendars all over the world.

Album covers:

Calendars include:

  • Lamb's Navy Rum calendar (1977)

TV Advert:

  • Lilt "with the totally tropical taste" girl

Television and film careers[edit]Edit

British TV programmes include:

Films include:

Music career[edit]Edit

Stefanie, along with two other Page Three models Gillian Duxbury and Mona Solomons, made up the pop group called Love Patrol.

Family and personal life[edit]Edit

In her late teens, Stefanie was involved with the comedian Benny Hill but never appeared in The Benny Hill Show as one of the Hill's Angels.

Stefanie had a long term relationship with her actor boyfriend Alan Tucker whose roles included being an interceptor pilot in the 1970s British television series UFO and as a fighter pilot killed at the beginning of the film Battle of Britain.

Stefanie was briefly engaged to the music promoter Rod MacSween.[5] In February 1998, MacSween was granted a restraining order against Stefanie after Stefanie had become obsessed trying to re-kindle the relationship. In 1988 Stefanie was taken to court, when she broke the restraining order by phoning MacSween and writing to MacSween's new fiancee. Stefanie was found guilty of contempt of court and was given a 28 day suspended sentence.[6]

In 2005, Stefanie contracted MRSA when she went to hospital after falling at her home and breaking her arm.[7]

Stefanie now lives alone in North London.

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