Vanities is a Home Box Office television presentation of the comedy-drama stage production written by Jack Heifner, Vanities.


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The television production premiered on HBO in March 1981 as part of the channel's Standing Room Only series. The story concerns the lives, loves and friendship of three Texas cheerleaders starting from high school to post college graduation. The television special starred Annette O'TooleMeredith Baxter Birney and Shelley Hackas the threesome. The play was created by Jack Heifner.[1][2]

The HBO presentation was one of several stage shows that aired on the premium network in the 1980s. Other HBO productions included Richard Harris in Camelot as well as Frank Langella in the title role as Sherlock Holmes.[3]

[1]The cast of Vanities on Home Box Office (HBO)==Cast[edit]==

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