Zhou Yan (Chinese: 周妍; pinyin: Zhōu Yán; born September 30, 1982 in HarbinHeilongjiang;[1] usually referred to in the media as Yan Zhou) is a Chinese curler. She plays lead for the Chinese national team, skipped by Wang Bingyu.

Zhou curled in her first tournament after having only curled for 2 years, at the 2002 Pacific Curling Championships. At that time she played third for the team. Since then, she has played lead for the team in every tournament except for the 2005 Pacific Championships, when she was the team lead.

Zhou has won 3 Pacific Championships (2006, 2007, 2008), and a World Championship (2009) as a member of the team.


2008 Vernon World Championships

2009 Gangneung World Championships

2010 Vancouver Olympic Games

Wang BingyuSkip

Liu YinThird

Yue QingshuangSecond

Liu JinliAlternate

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