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Adrienne Pearson is an American-born model and magician's assistant currently living and working in the UK.

Adrienne Marie Pearson was born in San Francisco, California, on August 3, 1993. Her father was in the US military, and so the family moved often. When Adrienne was 12, her father was posted to the UK on a long-term attachment, and the family followed him there. She has a younger sister, Andrea, and an older brother.

Adrienne had always been interested in performing, and while in the UK and still at school she began working as TV extra, appearing in a number of TV productions. This led to her being noticed by a modelling scout, and she also began working as a catalogue model. When she was 16, she began working as the principal assistant to a local 18-year-old magician, Mike Pearson, usually billed as "Mike Pearson and Adrienne". Working closely together, the couple rapidly fell in love. They got engaged the day after Adrienne's 18th birthday, and married in a small family ceremony three months later in November 2011.

Following their marriage, the couple continued to perform together and build their act, now performing as "The Pearsons". This led to a number of TV appearances, particularly on children's TV. When she was 21, Adrienne took a short break from performing while pregnant with her first child, and her place in the act was temporarily taken by her younger sister, Andrea. Andrea also filled in for Adrienne while she was pregnant with her second child at 25, and occasionally joins the act when a second assistant is required for certain illusions.

Adrienne and Mike perform regularly around the UK, and Adrienne has calculated that this means she has been sawed in half over 2,000 times so far (by 2020).

Some of the various illusions the couple perform include:

  • The Impossible Sawing - Adrienne is strapped down to a table, sawed in half by a large circular saw and her halves separated without the use of any boxes to cover her body.
  • The French Guillotine - Adrienne is beheaded by an authentic copy of a guillotine, with her severed head visibly dropping into the basket.
  • Doubly Impossible - Adrienne and her sister, Andrea, are both sawed in half in clear-sided boxes and then reassembled with their lower halves switched.
  • The Block Beheading - In a recreation of a historical British execution by beheading, Adrienne places her neck on a large wooden block, and Mike uses a headsman's axe to behead her.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As Adrienne didn't leave school until July 2012, this meant that she spent her final nine months at school as a married woman.
  • In both the French Guillotine and Block Beheading illusions, the blade used really does pass through Adrienne's neck. As a result of this, she actually is decapitated by it and her head really does fall into the waiting basket.
  • Adrienne didn't get her ears pierced until she was 18, when she had them pierced especially for her wedding so that she could wear a pair of antique diamond earrings that have been worn by every woman in her mother's family on their wedding day since the early 1800s.
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