Lucy Katherine Pinder (born 20 December 1983) is an English model, from Winchester.

Modeling careerEdit

In the summer of 2003, Pinder was spotted by a freelance photographer Lee Earle while sunbathing on Bournemouth beach. As a result of the photographs taken that day, she signed a professional modelling contract with the Daily Star tabloid newspaper.

Pinder was regularly partnered with Michelle Marsh, with whom she made magazine, television, and corporate appearances. She has also been featured with other glamour models, including Danielle LloydSophie Howard, Jana Defi, Lindsey Strutt, and Saskia Howard-Clarke. Her photo shoots have appeared in magazines such as LoadedMaximNutsZOOIceCarnoisseur,Redline and Fast Car. She has appeared in prominent adverts for PlayStation 2Yellow Pages, the National Lottery and in 2010 she was head of the Bennetts Babe squad.

For the first several years of her career, Pinder, unlike most other glamour models, did not fully reveal her breasts in photo shoots, often posing while covering her nipples with her hands or hair. While she often appeared exposing part of the areola, her first completely topless photographs appeared in Nuts magazine in April 2007. In the accompanying interview, Pinder explained that she was initially reluctant to go fully topless "because of the way I was discovered on a beach. It was all a bit sudden and the idea of getting [my breasts] out straight away was a bit daunting."

Pinder currently runs a weekly advice column in Nuts, entitled "The Truth About Women,"[9] and also has embarked on a television career. She is represented by Girl Management aka Girl and Frank White Pictures.[10]

In November 2010, Lucy announced that she will be writing a weekly column for, answering readers' questions.[11] She posed topless in Nuts magazine's Royal weddingcommemorative issue of April 2011.[12]

[edit]TV careerEdit

In 2004, Pinder appeared on Living TV's series I'm Famous and Frightened, spending the weekend at Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire investigating ghosts and spirits.

On 31 December 2005, Pinder appeared on Sky Sports as a celebrity soccerette on Soccer AM during which she wore a Southampton jersey. She also sat on the famous orange sofa answering questions on topics such as modelling and football.

In September 2007, Pinder appeared as a contestant on a special edition of the Weakest Link, entitled "Wags and Glamour Girls".

[1][2]Pinder (right) with Michelle Marsh[3][4]Nuts party, Feb. 2009: Pinder (middle) with friends

From September to December 2007, Pinder presented a short nightly programme for Nuts TV called "Book at Bedtime", which is based on a long-running BBC Radio 4 programme. She read a passage from a well-known novel.

On 15 January 2008, Pinder made her presenter debut for Nuts TV. She presented the Nuts TV live show on six further occasions in February and March 2008, and also presented"Overexposed" – a series on Nuts TV giving hints and tips to the aspiring amateur glamour photographer. Subsequently, she has appeared on MTV channel TMF, presenting in conjunction with Kayleigh PearsonPinder and Pearson's Late-Night Love-in; a "countdown of saucy music videos."

In February 2008, Pinder made a cameo appearance, along with Michelle Marsh, in Hotel Babylon on BBC1.

In February 2010, Lucy Pinder appeared on BBC Three's "The Real Hustle Undercover", where she pulled a switch on an unsuspecting punter.

In addition, Pinder has appeared in several cover DVDs and photo shoots for magazines, such as Loaded and Maxim.

[edit]Celebrity Big Brother UK (2009)Edit

From 2 January 2009, Lucy Pinder appeared in the sixth series of Celebrity Big Brother UK. She revealed that she is "a bit of a Tory bird" and that 'thick' people irritate her. She was the first housemate to be voted out, on 9 January (Day 8) with 57% of the public vote. Pinder declared her wish to leave the Big Brother house after being driven to distraction by the incessant rapping of another housemate.

[edit]Television appearancesEdit

  • Dream Team (unknown episode, 2004) ....Herself
  • I'm Famous and Frightened! (unknown episodes, 2004) .... Herself
  • Soccer AM (1 episode, "31 December 2005" 2005) .... Herself
  • Bo! in the USA (1 episode, 2006) .... Herself
  • The Weakest Link (1 episode, "Wags and Glamour", 2007) .... Herself
  • Greatest Ever Disaster Movies (2007) (TV) .... Herself
  • Hotel Babylon (1 episode, "Series 3, Episode 1", 2008) .... Herself
  • Book at Bedtime with Lucy Pinder (approx. 30 episodes, Nuts TV, 2007) .... Herself, as Presenter
  • Nuts TV live show (9 episodes, 2008) .... Herself, as Presenter
  • Overexposed, Nuts TV (2008) .... Herself, as Presenter
  • Make Me A Glamour Model, Nuts TV (9 episodes, 2008) .... Herself, as Presenter/Panellist
  • Pinder and Pearson's Late Night Love-in (with Kayleigh Pearson), TMF (5 episodes, 2008) .... Herself, as Presenter
  • Celebrity Big Brother (2009)
  • The Real Hustle UndercoverBBC Three (2010) .... "Nicole", con artist[
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